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Whitepaper: Launch Your Digital Brand


31 July 2023

Whitepaper - Circles x Evalueserve: Launch your digital brand

This whitepaper by Circles and EvalueServe examines the evolving telco demands by digitally savvy customers, how telco operators can create an edge over their competitors and build brand differentiation through innovation and agile infrastructure.

Today, telecom operators are hindered by legacy telecom infrastructure, dependencies on traditional channels, and mindset which serve as roadblocks. By launching digital brands through a ‘clean sheet approach’ (refers to developing a system in a new environment), operators are able to achieve cost-effectiveness and lean operations with faster-time-to-market, without carrying the legacy baggage of infrastructure and cultural mindset.

Exploring the Digital Frontier

Through this whitepaper, you’ll also delve into:


  1. Introduction
  2. Three Key Challenges – Know The Reality of Today’s Digital Natives 05
  3. Time to Realign Business Priorities
  4. Telecom Operators Launching Digital Brands
  5. Charting The Right Path to Launch a Digital Brand
  6. Recommendation to Telecom Operators to Build The Right Strategy
  7. Disrupting Mobile Telecom Industry With Circles X


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