26 May 2023

Circles wins SBR’s Technology Excellence Awards for its cloud-native telco platform


Built for operators by an operator, Circles X’s technology empowers mobile operators to launch digital telcos that delight customers around the world.

The telecommunications industry has one of the lowest industry net-promoter-score (NPS), with ratings in the negatives. Tech disruptors such as Netflix and Amazon have raised the bar for digital experiences, and customers now expect more from businesses to deliver similar seamless and personalised experiences from their services.

On the mission to transform the telco industry by delivering delightful digital experiences, Circles built Circles X, the world’s first cloud-native, full-stack digital telco SaaS platform. Built for operators by an operator, Circles X empowers telco operators to launch digital telcos from anywhere in the world.

Recognised for their recent product updates to the Circles X technology platform, Circles was conferred the Cloud – Telecommunications category by the SBR Technology Excellence Awards. The awards programme recognises exceptional companies in Singapore that are riding the digital disruption wave and leading the technological revolution and digital journeys of their respective industries.

To build a technology stack like no other in the market that could address the industry and customer pain points required a total reimagination of the product capabilities. This led Circles to the innovation of the Circles X technology, a digital platform which unifies marketing tech (martech) and telco tech capabilities beyond the traditional digital business support system (BSS).

Being a 100% unified SaaS platform enables mobile operators to deploy digital telcos from anywhere in the world, run lean operations with 10x less people and launch promotions in minutes, not days. This frees up the operators’ resources and allows them to allocate more towards creating compelling products and experiences instead of worrying about building core services and managing infrastructure.

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Today, Circles X is powering millions of delighted customers across 13 countries through their digital telco, Circles.Life, and their partner operators. Powered by Circles X, operators can deliver business results that surpass industry standards, such as a 36% increase in average revenue-per-customer, growing market share and higher NPS ratings.

“Circles has set a new standard for digital innovation and customer experience in the telecommunications industry. By identifying the industry’s pain points, Circles disrupted the telco industry with a unique technology innovation that simplifies operation workflows and equips telco operators with the business agility to go-to-market. This has earned Circles the Cloud – Telecommunications Award at the 2023 SBR Technology Excellence Awards,” said Tim Charlton, Chief Editor of Singapore Business Review.

The SBR Technology Excellence Awards is presented by Singapore Business Review Magazine.

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Circles clinches the Cloud – Telecommunications award at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2023 for its cloud-native SaaS platform

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