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Case Study: How award-winning telco KDDI Digital Life achieves groundbreaking NPS with povo2.0


05 June 2023

Circles x KDDI Success Story - Digital Telco Brand povo2.0

When faced with the challenge of lowering mobile charges and competing with new, low-cost challengers, KDDI Digital Life, by KDDI Corporation, sought to innovate and create a truly digital experience for its Japanese consumers. With the help of Circles X, it was able to quickly deploy personalised offerings that exceeded customer expectations and set them apart from the competition.

Breaking new ground with unmatched agility

KDDI Digital Life’s povo2.0 is defined by a completely digital service, deployed with the help of Circles X’s cloud native SaaS platform. This enabled KDDI to bring new products and features to market in just 16 weeks, an impressively swift feat compared to the traditionally protracted months-long development cycle, and a first for a digital telco brand in Japan.

povo2.0 empowers customers with greater freedom

povo2.0, KDDI’s first-ever digital telco brand, broke new ground by introducing a “0” JPY base plan, empowering subscribers to tailor their plans by opting for their preferred “toppings”, such as the DAZN entertainment service. Committed to the motto of “no more bill shock,” povo2.0 empowers customers with the freedom to choose their own plans.

povo2.0 achieves an impressive NPS of +30 points

povo2.0’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a key measure of customer satisfaction – stands impressively at +30 points. As the trend of digitally savvy users switching to povo2.0 persists, the collaboration between Circles and KDDI continues to captivate customers with an unrivalled digital experience and personalised services.


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