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At Circles, we’re giving telcos a better way to power great customer experiences and achieve better business outcomes with Circles X.
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Our Approach

Telcos today are under intense pressure to adapt to the fast-changing digital landscape. This can be difficult and expensive for traditional operators, with digital transformations being complex and high risk. With the rise of digital telcos and over-the-top (OTT) players coming into market, many traditional operators are under pressure to adapt, or risk losing market share.

Our approach helps telcos navigate the challenges of digital transformation by providing them a platform designed to launch digital telcos, expand into new markets and segments, or evolve existing digital ecosystems.

Revenue & Growth

Accelerate ARPU by 115%

Declining ARPU (Average Revenue per User) is a crisis for operators today, but we can help. By focusing on customer experience and leveraging our platform to gain actionable user insights, operators can rewrite the rules of acquisition, increase ARPU, and accelerate growth in an increasingly competitive market.


Use AI to analyse customer behaviour and usage patterns to offer relevant and targeted products and services. The right AI-driven strategies can give your brand the competitive edge and improve customer loyalty while boosting revenue.

Non-telco products and services

As traditional telco services grow increasingly commoditised, going beyond telco offerings, such as ecommerce and travel, can help add value and differentiate your brand from competitors. See how Circles.Life did it with Jetpac, winner of the Asian Telecom Awards for The Travel Product of the Year.


Referral programmes are a cost-effective and powerful way to acquire new customers while retaining existing ones. Add tiered rewards and gamification to the mix with customisable referral codes, and deliver customer conversion rates by up to 2.5X.

Faster time-to-market

Quickly configure and launch targeted promotions that resonate with customers. Create promotions to fit defined customer segments in minutes, and define customised user journeys that help you stay ahead of the game.


+50 NPS like no other operator

Traditional telcos suffer from poor Net Promoter Scores, which often dip as low as -20 or -40. Not with us. Circles X’s record outranks most operators with an average of +50 NPS. Better yet, we’re well placed among some of the world’s leading tech companies, and we’ve got the awards to prove it.

Touchpoint excellence

Exceptional customer experience every step of the way is what we’re about. That’s why we’re obsessed about managing every touchpoint in the customer’s journey. From onboarding, delivery, to port-in to billing and customer support, we strive to meet industry benchmarks for “very good” CX across 80% of our touchpoints.

Customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty by keeping consumers engaged and satisfied, especially with your community. By strategically targeting your cohorts with a series of rewards over time, you are likely to see improvements over several areas. Expect to see up to an 81% increase in monthly active users, a 23% drop in churn rate, and +60 NPS.

NPS driver

Equip your brand with the right tools for customer pain points and opportunities for improvement, and quickly implement these changes to enhance the customer experience. We’ve seen how this can increase the promoter cohort by 46% and increase overall NPS within four months by +20 points on our platform for our customers.

Cost Saving

Slash OPEX by up to 70%

Our partners are crushing it with their lean operating models. Our cloud-based platform offers the scalability, flexibility, and agility traditional infrastructures cannot. If you want to reduce the costs of customer acquisition, customer service, and the cost to serve while achieving high engagement and operational excellence at the same time, you can with us.

Higher conversions with automated tracking and re-targeting

Track and re-target prospects in a timely and automated manner to improve conversion rates. We help operators with automated workflows that can be triggered on multiple channels, achieving conversion rates of 25% from re-targeting, with at least 2X more re-targeted prospects who are more likely to convert between one to three weeks.

Augment customer service with automation

Deliver best-in-class customer service driven by automation. Augment your customer service workforce with automated customer notifications, billing, live in-app chat, chatbots, and self-service apps. See reductions up to 70% in customer service tickets per subscriber per month.

Automated Operations

Reduce your dependence on full-time employees with robotic process automation. Traditional legacy systems tend to be heavily staffed. Automated functions are equipped take on nearly 100% of critical telco processes, requiring fewer than 20 full-time employees to keep the business running.

User insights and analytics

Monetise data analytics and more

Turn data into revenue. Circles X translates data insights into value-adding solutions. We build more than digital mobile brands – we create one-stop digital ecosystems that offer personalised products and services customers really want, helping operators to monetise data analytics, diversify revenue streams, and tap into new markets beyond telco.

360° customer views

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers with our plug-and-play analytics platform. Get granular insights about your customers’ demographics, end-to-end service usage profiles, and high-fidelity locational and geospatial information. Better yet, discover how you can monetise such insights via partnership modules with the most popular apps out there.


With insights about your customer’s needs and preferences, you can tailor your services and promotions to better suit them, and provide more personalised experiences. We’ve seen pre-purchase personalisation drive 30% greater conversion rates, while post-purchase personalisation increases the success of upselling and cross-selling by 25%.
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