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Yes. As a leading ICT Infrastructure Integrator, has the expertise to provide both design and build services. Our staff have attained the BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD) and Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) certification. As a design and build contractor, we will work with clients, architects and engineers during the design phase of the project. During the construction phase, we will provide project management and installation to ensure that all the stakeholders objectives are met.

Has a vast experience in different industries and sectors. We can undertake simple projects of adding one network point, to complex multi-million dollar projects. We will ensure top quality delivery of services ranging from project management to installation despite the size of the project.

  1. Construction of new buildings for Universities, tertiary institutions and schools
  2. Construction of new buildings for hospitals and medical centres
  3. Construction of new buildings for public sector building projects
  4. Construction of new office space
  5. Addition and alteration of office and building projects
  6. Industrial cabling projects

Apart from infrastructure services is also able to provide a whole suite of services that complement our core products and services.

  1. Network design, configuration and implementation
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supplies design, sizing and installation
  3. ELV cabling & networking design and installation

Yes. has done projects around the region by partnering with our business partners and associates. We will complement them with our design and project management services to ensure that our client’s budget and objectives are met.

We’ve been working very closely with our manufacturers and business partners. We ensure that we are certified by them and our installation will be according to their recommendations.

  1. Panduit Certified Installer
  2. Commscope Certified Installer
  3. Datwyler Certified Installer
  4. Nexans Certified Installer
  5. Draka Certified Installer
  6. Nikomax Certified Installer
  7. Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
  8. APC Elite Partner
  9. Cisco Partner

believes that to overcome a Pandemic or crisis, we must be prepared for it. We have taken a 5 prongs strategy to mitigate the risks and effects that any crisis will have on our business and our customer’s business.

  1. Digitalized all in-housed systems to allow our workforce to be able to work remotely via VPN. Laptops are issued to all staffs as part of SOP to ensure they will still be productive and efficient once working at home is activated. All meetings could also be done with tele-conferencing, minimizing physical contact.
  2. Provide business continuity plan for on-site workforce to ensure that they minimize interaction with each team. The Business Continuity Plan was rehearsed to ensure compliance when it is activated.
  3. To ensure the safety and health of all staffs, we will stock-up enough stockpile of surgical mask, sanitizer and thermometer for all staffs and issue as a health kit during the onset of the pandemic outbreak.
  4. Create a strong book-order and having projects from different verticals will allow the company to last beyond the crisis. This will ensure that we are able to keep the workforce intact and be ready when the market recovers.
  5. Maintaining a strong cash-flow and balance sheet to allow the company to be sustainable even when the country goes into a lockdown, thus providing the customer with a sense of stability and security.


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